Am I glad I’m a part time student? Oh yes indeedy, I have a duty, nay an obligation to sit indoors wrapped round my hot water bottle with my feet pressed on the radiator reading stuff all day. Once I have done this I can polish my halo, instead of feeling like a big, blobby slob.

However, despite this smugness, I did get my arse out into the sleet and to Parkrun. We are now reduced to running round the edge of the park, mainly on the tarmac paths; despite this it is still a big advantage to be wearing the Inov8s. I think I must have passed a good 8-10 infinitely superior runners in terms of fitness, solely on the grounds that I could find my footing on the 5% off-tarmac sections. It always mildly bothers me in trail races (not parkruns..I am not that much of a worrier) that people who are clearly good runners disadvantage themselves by wearing road shoes. I don’t think it is that much more expensive adding trail shoes to the constantly rotating shoe mix is it? (I have 3 pairs of road shoes and 2 pairs of trail – but some of them are a good 3 years old). Still.

It was cold and fun. And I was slow and happy. And listening to the announcements as people finished for the first time I heard them say ‘And well done, Second Dog!’ Lovely, despite the odd drawback of running a single track path with dogs and kids, the upside of seeing them all out there outweighs it by about a hundred times.

Ah, and an update to explain the post title ( I was paying attention, honest): this is the first time I have actually agreed with nearly all the statements in one of these. Guardian ‘How to eat – chilli’


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  1. runtezza says:

    Well done on having the right shoes for the job! And in spite of the Guardian article, I have had chilli for breakfast (not today though).

    1. mercyjm says:

      Chilli for breakfast! my hero…

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