Apologies for absence

I have been absent for a bit – the reasons are accidentally good. The day of my last post, the Deal Half, I forgot to take my minuscule dose of anti-depressant (0.5 of venlafaxine 37.5mg for fact hounds). Once I realised, about 16 hours later that I had forgotten to take it and not noticed more than a smidge of half-marathon ennui, I thought mmm what if I stop?

Now don’t all leap at your keyboards, my GP knows I am playing with the dose in a downwards manner and have been since June/July ish, he is happy with this; I am very aware of the discontinuation effects of vfx (google it if you are bored), its tiny half life, and I was on a dose lower than my prescription and finding it a pain in the arse to be honest (sleep disturbance and nausea). So I stopped, and it was odd, but it is less odd now.

Surrey with buzzard, a bit like spot the ball

One of the discontinuation effects (and if you have googled it you will see that mileage does in fact vary a lot) is brain zaps (in my case very gentle on a low dose, and very weird when I was on a higher dose some time ago) and dizziness. So I stopped running for a bit, just because. And I am back now (probably).

Another of those ‘what a horrible place I work in’ pictures

One of the others is emotions, they are weird. Not so sure about them at all. May have to learn to live with them though – we’ll see what happens as my body learns to look after its own seratonin and noradrenaline/epinephrine (the choice is yours.) But more importantly, when I was out, after being seen off from the work car park, by Biggles the buzzard. I ran up on to the Downs, and finally remembered to take a pic of this:


Which for some time has made me think ‘Christopher Robin’ and Trespassers W’ every time I went past. So I found the original:

and it is so unlike my memory (even of the species – it looks like a beech in the drawing, whereas my pic is a Scots pine) as to be quite comic.


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  1. Kate says:

    I’m glad the med reduction is going well. And your pictures look beautiful. Pretty much every one of my recent pictures is bleak and very, very cold.

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