A new word

I had a very short work day today so I did the running mini-commute from 5 miles out. It was a very good idea as I had created a foolish amount of stress in my head (and neck and shoulder muscles) just working remotely.

I was rewarded by decentish weather, lots of little birds bombing around in a spring frenzy, a new buzzard and a new word!

When you are out running (fingers crossed, not cycling) you come across a dog walker with multiple dogs on extending leads. If you are me you get stuck in making friends with the dogs, however when you decide you ought to run off, you find you are in a dog-web. That arrangement of fibres created by the paths of dogs that captures the runner; when they try to escape, the very attempt to move causes the dog-web to tighten around them. (Which is a nice thing, if you are me. I appreciate I am part of a spectrum of opinions on this).

Oddly the run home was a lot faster and less tiring. My pack was lighter to the tune of a banana (which was in my tummy).  The more I run, the less I understand about why some runs are ‘good’ and some ‘hard’.


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