Not doing nothing


Have been quiet but not inactive.

Well, I have been ticking over but not making gains shall we say. A couple of runs from work, one through the woods from home and Parkrun on Saturday. I seem to have lost my personal ‘rate of perceived exertion’ scale recently. A run from work that felt easy and not slow was positively amoeba-like in its speed; the parkrun that I had down as between 35-40 minutes and nearly killed me, was under 31. I did a fitness test recently on my Polar and my resting heart rate showed as 49, which is good for a person who has had a bucket of coffee. But it my pace is still glacial.

Another in the series entitled ‘what a horrible place I work in.’

IMG_20150303_072143 (1)

I  think I just need to press on and wait until my body resets itself (and I have some more consistent miles going on). I am just feeling so stressed at the moment from the non-flat sale, and work that I am rather abusing my running time as inner mental ranting time. However I must report having met some lovely dogs recently – especially the Horsham puppy that seemed to be pogoing over the difficult tree roots I was walking. It was so pleased to see me, I was equally delighted.


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