Back again!


Absence report: no wifi at home, two periods away from home with no running as such, back now!

IMG_20150409_092706 IMG_20150406_074103 IMG_20150411_173536 IMG_20150412_144231

Complicated to catch up on, but in brief: ran the first U of Kent 10k, and managed a time I have not hit for a 10k for a good 4 years, most happy (especially as I cycled 9 miles or so to get there). Then photo from RHS Wisley where I was for a Horticultural Taxonomy conference (much more fun than it sounds, really). Then off to Cornwall with Uni, for a field trip.

Now have wifi at home, and will be staying in place (or at least only pottering off occasionally) for a bit. And there may be a cat on the horizon…


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