New Parkrun

Not being a Parkrun tourist,I have only actually done events near to home, and the odd xmas foray. Checking my records I see that I never even got round to changing my home event to Horsham from Tilgate. The Whitstable run is 3.3 miles from my front door along the seafront, so a good distance to add for a longer run, or a gentle cycle depending on mood. And a good time 27.45, the best since I ran Brighton & Hove which must be about 7 years ago!

The thing that will take some getting used to here is the +/- effect of the wind on everything. It has been still once or twice, but more often there is a stiff  breeze on the sea front, so it is possible to go really fast one way and really slowly the other way. More so on the bike, you have to pedal one way and coast on the way back.

2015-04-18 08.49.12

This is from before the start when people were warming up, the little building in the distance is the start/finish. And while I assumed the route would be pancake flat, it isn’t; as it goes up onto Tankerton Slopes there is a steep diagonal rise and then a gradual one to the start/finish/midway point and then back down again. It is a nice route though, a bit less congested than Horsham and definitely a lot less muddy, with far fewer dogs. I am finding it really hard to pace myself on the seafront though, I am just not used to the perspective and the flatness, so it is really hard to judge pace in terms of landscape. Does that sound mad? In a car you feel that you are going much faster on a narrow lane compared to a motorway (assuming the same speed); so I find I am pushing a lot harder because I feel I am not moving relative to the surroundings (rather obscure Red Queen reference, but that is how my brain works).

2015-04-18 08.30.36

This is looking towards Hampton ‘pier’, last night there were a few men digging for what I guess were rag worms in the sand.

2015-04-18 09.44.51

As promised a while ago, the nudist sign.

2015-04-18 09.44.57

And the never-nude beach (any reference to nudism now always takes me to Arrested Development for some reason, too much Netflix…) which is actually a wildlifey patch and quite nice to potter around. There were kite-surfers visible from Whitstable last night.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie says:

    I thought your Arrested Development reference was funny (you can tell I also spend too much of my life on Netflix!).
    The area looks lovely, I must find an excuse to come visit you…catch up meeting? 🙂

    1. mercyjm says:

      Mmm, how about Wednesday morning 🙂

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