heath not Heath

I am not sure if other runners do it, or if it is just me, but I do like to squeeze a run in if I am going somewhere and there is likely to be time spare. So I was booked in to pick up Baldric in Suffolk at 13.30, and because the traffic can be a little variable en route, I decided to go up very early and see if I could run.

The weather in the Bay was quite wet, meaning that I had to go though the whole process of remembering that I forgot to buy a new windscreen wiper (it hasn’t rained here for a good month). Bum. I got to the right place about 2 hours before needed, and after an utterly pointess trawl for a pair of work trousers that fitted me in the shop I parked next to I attempted to run.


The usual nonsense ensued: map doesn’t match ground (actually not my fault for once, there are a lot of new roads, houses and shops in the area); ground doesn’t match expectation (see previous), but I found the heath eventually ( I was looking for Martlesham heath, not Martlesham Heath – only problem being they were building execitive homes on it). Felt jus a smidge tetchy about this, if you have a nice heath, I really think you shouldn’t cover it with buildings.


See the cheeky Tesco?


And the wee estate?

It was a nice run, once I found the way I should have gone, but a bit frustrating as it was really quite nice, and I would like to have gone further.


But it did occur to me, as I tried to change in a hurry – that not everyone does this sort of thing, especially not in supermarket car parks ( I had checked out the toilets in the supermarket earlier, and the car park was better, trust me).



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