Shall I call it ‘the shortest fuse’ or ‘unexpected crabs’?

Spoilt for choice, and I normally have trouble picking post titles.

For some reason, I have the shortest fuse at the moment in terms of inanimate objects (this includes virtually animate and inanimate). The news item about the man who shot his computer? That would have been way too hands-off for me, give me a club hammer. I am not cross with any of my many pooters, it is the fucking apps/software that I want to dismember with their code dripping through my fingers. Top of the list as usual: iTunes. Following speedily on its heels Polar Websync, MS Word (anything MS tbh); Mail. I hate iTunes, hate it hate it hate it.

You see, short fuse. You are safe if you are a plant or an animal; borderline if a person, but you are in the crosshairs if you are software.

But, I digress (pffffff). After a jolly morning with iTunes, I reluctantly got my arse out of the door. So as with last week, I set out on my long run with a lot of dirt to remove from my soul.

So as not to make you suffer more sea pictures (it is infinitely interesting if you see it a lot, the changes in colour and texture and distance visible, but not I guess for everyone) I will start where I stopped last week.

2015-04-26 14.41.15So if you remember, I got as far as Reculver church/abbey/castle and then turned for home. If you continue to the er..east heading towards Margate you will find this instructional sign, which pretty much covers most of the running accidents that I have had, except for the sudden drop (I count underwater obstacles as odd things I have fallen over that have been invisible because they are hidden in puddles).

2015-04-26 14.41.20

Looking west back to Reculver.

So, it was more flatness over concrete ( I haven’t actually felt any pain from the concrete yet, though it is reputed to be the most unforgiving surface to run on ) but with a very different view across the flats of what was once the channel between mainland Kent and the Isle of Thanet.

2015-04-26 14.49.23Apple trees, hiding behind the North Sea wall, East of Reculver. The size of the flowers was amazing.


You can see here how they nestle behind the wall.


Inevitable getting lost photo – I would tell you a lovely set of tales about this run, but it is now 20.00 and I am tired of fighting the various options that WordPress offers (Android and web) to just put pictures and text online, so I will be briefer.

The run was 13.66 with the fastest mile being 9.17 for mile 12 which am really proud of. The crabs appeared mysteriously on pavements (about 7cm across) and I assume were dropped by seagulls. The lack of crab photos was down to a peculierly me or peculierly English thing. I didn’t take a pic of the first one, as I was waiting for another (I do this repeatedly with plants, and it is always a fail) and I didn’t take a pic of the second one because I was worried it was still alive and I would draw attention to it, and thus shorten its life….

I think it is a good option to stop now, before I go on some form of rampage, it was a nice run. Baldric was very endearingly, waiting for me at the door purring, when I came home.


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