Unexpected windmills

After a bit of a struggly weekend, I finally convinced myself to go for a long run. I did do a 10ish earlier in the week but the photos weren’t really interesting.

I managed to time going out badly and nearly ran into the turn-round for the Whitstable 10k, which I had tried to enter, but it is obviously a popular race so was sold out well before the day. Seafront was busy for once, and was a bit of a pain to run, which serves me right for going out on Bank Holiday Monday.

Managed a very slow 15.6 miles, mainly because I tried a different way back from Reculver. Some of the route was pretty, as the photos show. Some of it suffered from the same issue as the new Horsham path: trying to join little paths and byways into a coherent route just doesn’t work, you end up with too many shite or dangerous sections. Still at least I know where not to go again. Weather is finally nearly warm.

2015-05-04 13.15.42

Interesting how the farming landscape is so different from West Sussex, even the species making up the hedges are different – and obviously there is a lot of fruit.

2015-05-04 13.03.21

Windmill near the coast – it and the house attached are for sale if anyone has the necessaries.

2015-05-04 13.00.00

No idea what this really is, it didn’t match the house it fronted (no pic of house, I always feel a bit intrusive just taking pics of people’s homes)

2015-05-04 12.28.59

Looking towards Birchington from Reculver-ish. This was one of the odder parts of the run as there was a strung out line of about twenty princesses along the prom (lest there is any confusion here, the line was strung out, not the princesses), with sashes on denoting their town (Faversham and lots of little seaside places) and their princess-hood. This was lucky as most were wearing leggings and tshirts, which don’t immediately say ‘princess’ to me.


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