Unexpected pootle

I was tired after the Bewl half, and was down to do 3 miles. However the weather was nice and I noticed that there was an open garden in an area that the Moorhen-photographer-in-chief had suggested would be good for birds. Tapping the postcode into various apps got me a whole lot of conflicting and silly information (I know that National Cycle Network Route 1 runs from Whistable to Faversham, but OS Maps and Google were not up for alerting me to this..) which meant that I just printed maps and went out there.

This sort of thing always ends in disaster, but it was harmless disaster, and I salved it with icecream.

The route is probably about 13 miles maximum, but I managed to make it twenty- look!

Screenshots_2015-05-10-19-33-25In my defence I spent some of the time in Faversham looking for a cash machine, but still.

Garden was nice but not quite good enough to merit the usual garden-visiting accolade of ‘lovely’ (which turns my stomach to be honest, but there we go). It did have good views, a mind-boggling cake selection and an interesting neighbour.


Difficult to push the concept of ‘infinity lawn’ here, but it is a nice view down to the river anyway, my photo absolutely does not do it justice.


However if you are me (and luckily for you, none of you are), this is much more fun. The neighbour had my tattoo as a turf labyrinth.


Part of my ongoing puzzlement at Kent agric/horticulture. Is this a way of storing ( and possibly making it easy to clean en masse) boxes (it was a fruit farm) or are they growing something through the groundcover fabric and under the boxes that is not visible in May? There were several fields like this, some with irrigation.

image image

Nice route, salt marshes and seaside with some minor roads (a least one idiot in a car, but that is the seaside for you, brings out the muppet as my neighbour would say).



I have been having a bit of a problem with low back pain (I suspect that it is due to my iffy hamstring/hip digging injury that flared up a couple of years ago, and exacerbated by no core strength at all). So I felt I really needed to stop on the way home for an icecream (There is a well-known anaesthetic effect from a classic Magnum, make sure you check out the medical literature, it is pretty conclusive).

So this is the upper end of Tankerton slopes showing only some of the lovely beach huts, they come in all colours and styles.

image The black building on the right is the Tankerton Bay Sailing Club, who form the little flotilla in the photo. At least two upturned while I was sitting there, and both were sorted out by the little ?dirigible that was looking after them all. And looking at the photo, I have managed to just get the wind farm in the far distance for the first time. This section is, I think, 8 miles off-shore. There is a further bunch about 10 miles which I have only seen from Reculver.


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