Faversham to Herne Bay, or Runs with Dachshunds

2015-05-17 10.56.00

Am rather feebly trying to up my mileage as I have entered the Great Langdale Mara (note to self, the marathon, not the half marathon) in September. It is one of my favourites though very hard, and very likely to provide the buzzards at mile 23 with a nice plump snack. So I did a 10 m on Saturday, and planned a 10ish for Sunday. And I wanted to explore a bit more of the ground I covered on the bike last weekend. I think like a runner (or walker) and while cycling is really fun, I don’t actually understand somewhere until I have run it.

Public transport here is slightly more amenable to offering one way running here, so I got the train to Faversham where they were having a motoring weekend. Not overly interesting except for a small showing from 2CVGB which I used to belong to in one of my previous lives, In that life I was not the owner of, but the rider in a Dyane 6 a year older than the one shown here. I have memories of pushing it through Masham in Yorkshire, enduring a trip down the M1 trying to keep the windscreen wiper working by holding wires together with my fingers among other happy times.

2015-05-17 11.23.06

Made it out of Faversham slightly more efficiently than last time, and found the Saxon Shore Way ( just googled for this link and found this how interesting…) This section is just leaving the boat yard in Faversham, and shows a tiny flotilla of what I assume is a family out boating. They all looked as if they were having a good time, strung out on ropes.

2015-05-17 11.45.03

This is what the landscape is like between Faversham and the coast: flat fields with drainage dykes almost invisible until you are on top of them. If you squint a bit you can see a pair of mute swans in the distance here. The weather was lovely, not too much wind for once.

2015-05-17 11.47.54

As I made my way over the fields towards the coast I found myself in the Wildlife Trust land, and I didn’t linger longer than needed to take the photo.Sadly I also didn’t see a marsh harrier, I would have been over the moon if I had. I have seen some before in Norfolk, but it was a long time ago.

2015-05-17 12.09.12

Looking back along the sea wall towards Sheppey (you can actually see the bridge from around but it was too far to show in the photos).

2015-05-17 12.19.28

And the path meets the road in Seasalter where there were quite a few people doing boaty things. Seasalter is primarily beach huts masquerading as houses, in a nice way. It looks quite an amusing place to live if you can hack the road, which I suspect has quite a few (as my neighbour calls them) muppets driving along it in the evening.

2015-05-17 12.36.18

Into Whitstable which was so busy as to constrain me to walking several times, though the picture of the Centranthus (valerian) was taken on the far western end. I love Centranthus, and have missed it a lot since leaving Eastbourne (mumble mumble years ago) where it used to grow out of the walls.

2015-05-17 13.27.31

And on the home side of Long Rock, the Crambe is out! This plant must have been a good 60-80cm across. just gorgeous.

2015-05-18 17.09.38And this pic is cheating because I took it during today”s run. But it is Long Rock again, and the scene of Runs with Dachshunds. There was a point (the whole run was about 13 miles, so it must have been about 11 miles) where I was a bit weary and didn’t want to run on more concrete (the bane of the area from a running perspective) so I took the scenic option. And I got mixed up in one family of 2 dachshunds who were doing a Thelma and Louise and just heading for the horizon, They then became absorbed (with me) in another family of 4 dachshunds who were just having a lark. So for a brief 10 seconds I was running in a pack of sausage dogs, it made me so happy (if a little careful not to tread on them) it was a quite incomparable feeling.

Definitely one of the best yet, the running round here is quite fascinating.


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