#Juneathon Day1


Day One, full of enthusiasm! Ongoing grump-match with broadband ejected me from home to Uni, where I spent a pleasant morning in the library. I then pottered along to the gym, which from the outside has the appearance of a busy music venue or possible riot because the sports halls are hosting exams at the moment. Hordes of people smoking and chugging energy drinks and swearing vociferously that they have done no work; the giveaway when you get close enough is that each one has a transparent pencil case…

To save my rather weary legs I did 4 minutes on the step machine (my knee decided that step machines were specifically what mildly niggly knees did not like, so I listened), 26 minutes on the exercise bike, 30 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the rower. All bravely completed whilst watching BBC News 24 with the sound off. Lots of people appeared to be rather futilely bleating about Sepp Blatter in Parliament. If I had remembered to take my phone in I would have taken a pic. Sorry. I haven’t used a rower for about 8 years, and it was more fun than I remembered. No figures noted other than 2000m in 10.07 on the rower, I had to stop three times to tighten the little foot straps and restart Stevie Wonder.

No idea what to do tomorrow, long commute day with extra added gales. Must make a plan


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