# Juneathon Day 3 – classic rookie mistake

I made the classic rookie error: parked up in the sports centre car park at Uni before catching train for meeting, sports bag in car. Was a bit later than I expected getting back, but my motivation was still firmly in position, got into changing rooms, changed, put. Ah. Didn’t put trainers on, because they weren’t in the bag. Nor were any of my 6 pairs in the car. I was wearing what my colleague Gillian refers to as my Borrowers shoes, ballet shoes with giant silver buttons on the front. Not good for the gym.


Luckily, I am not a complete rookie. I had, already in the bag, 4.5 miles of walking: to and from Canterbury station, and Victoria to Vincent Square and back (er via Runners Need in Victoria, cough, shuffle). So all is not lost.


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