#Juneathon Day 5, Nude Rambler day.



Did this run from work, and very lovely it was. I couldn’t take my phone as I had left the various bags and belts that I can carry it in at home ( I am so clumsy and prone to tripping over, I can’t risk just holding it in my hand). You will be pleased I didn’t have my phone…there are no photos.

So, pottering along, lovely afternoon after the storm had passed over. Lapwing, Jay, Buzzard; all very pleasant. Then, on the North Downs Way, I passed a man with no clothes on. He had a little rucksack, a baseball cap which he held in front of his vulnerable parts and nothing else. I, being terribly English, just trotted past saying nothing, I didn’t even raise a quizzical eyebrow.

Now I don’t think he was The Naked Rambler, just a naked rambler; he was in his 30s or 40s and looked immensely ordinary and middle-class. Not anyone you would actually notice, unless and this is the key point, they had no clothes on. Thinking about it (as you do) he must have stopped just after Watts Gallery where the path has crossed a busy lane, and disrobed; then he must have had to re-robe at the top of our lane, because if he went too much further along the NDW he would either cross a very busy road or go very close to the HQ of Surrey police. After checking with Mr Wikipedia, turns out it is a Thing, who knew eh?

It was a lovely run, I did get a little lost but that isn’t unusual. I had given my colleagues a real time + 15 minutes getting lost time as an estimate for how long I would be (having had them once come out to look for me by car because I was late back due to getting lost, I have learnt my lesson).


3 Comments Add yours

  1. mbcrower says:

    Nude rambling! Now I’ve heard everything.

  2. runtezza says:

    Great blog post title! Sounds chilly though.

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