#Juneathon Day 7 boats and random crabs


Long run day, (my mileage does vary 12.6 Strava, 13.1 Polar – Strava is set to auto stop, and I was wambling a bit)I faffed a bit as I had to go into work (my fault for being a numpty) and I had toyed with doing more of the North Downs Way towards Hants, (even braving the possibilities of further nekkidness); but I had forgotten my waist belt/bag thing again and didn’t want to go sans phone (mainly for the pictures, though a bit for Strava).

So I plumped for the worst of all worlds, bought a secondary belt in Surrey and ran in Kent – no sense at all. But Tortoise and Hare in Bramley is a good running shop and I drive past it a lot, so I popped in just in case.


It being a lovely Sunday afternoon, I didn’t hold out much hope for my chances of a long run along the coast from home; Whitstable is a smidge busy now. So I parked up in Seasalter and ran along the Saxon Shore path into Faversham until I ran out of easy to run path (there was a market or a fair or something) and turned back.


This stone appeared to be a watching stone, so despite the fact that it was a nice stone, I left it where it was. It was at a gate on a boundary, so  I assume that it was watching who came into the farm. I have just invented the concept of the watching stone,  but it was so clearly what that stone was doing, I felt there was no option but to notice it.

Now some weeks ago, I raised the matter of the random crabs that litter the area. I have lived by the seaside (Eastbourne and St Leonards) before and never noticed this phenomenon. So here they are, today’s selection of random crabs (deceased, and er exoskeleton only at a guess)

image image image


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  1. mbcrower says:

    What’s wambling? It sounds such a great word, I’d love to know what it means.
    And I think you are absolutely right about the watching stone.
    Lovely blog.

  2. mercyjm says:

    I was going to point to you Fetch, but it turns out that they use ‘mimbling’ as a run category, not wambling. Wambling is part potter, part run, part exploration; so not fast, contains lots of stops and some double-backs and a lot of time spent going ‘oooh look at that’ or ‘oh bugger why has the path disappeared?’

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