#Juneathon Day 8 – gym and grump day

Lower impact for my poor bones, and utilising the Uni wifi (thanks Talktalk – still no new router) and gym. You could surf the adrenaline at the moment from undergrads still doing exams. For some reason this means having a festival in the main car park, filling the rest of the car parks with contractors (as with every uni Kent has to utilise at least 80% of the campus as a building site at any one time). I also sabotaged myself by stuffing a packet of rolos and one of fruit polos (rhyming sweets!) within 30 seconds in the library, which made me feel really spinny later.

So for Juneathon Day 8 ( I left my phone at home charging by accident today) I claim:

– 2 miles walking (to and from the further possible carpark to the library and the gym)
– 4 minutes step machine (oh yes, it still hurts my knee)
– 20 minutes exericise bike
– 20 minutes walking on treadmill
– 20 minutes elliptical
– 9 minutes 56 on the rower for 2000m

None of it was at high levels of effort as I am a bit weary today. I really meant to take my phone so I could record what I did by taking pics of the screens; but as I kyboshed that idea by being forgetful, the only one I decided to remember was the efforty one on the rower. Pleased I did it, and I do like going to the gym as a counterpoint to the outside (and the concrete that the seafront is largely paved with).


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