#Juneathon Day 10 Why Juneathon Is A Good Thing


Was still weary and at home to the Grump Fairy today. So I dragged it out until 5.30 at work before I went out. Whined about it to my patient colleagues.

Decided to go to the end of the back drive (to the A3100 on the map) and back, 2 miles, it was a nice afternoon, it is an easy run and there was no real reason not to do it. So I got to the end of the drive, by which time I had warmed up and de-grumped a bit, so I thought I would do a round the block (along the road a bit, then back on the foot path) rather than out and back, and by the time I had got to the footpath (just about where it says Artington on the map), I thought I may as well go all the way round. So I did.


Found a (I assume) fellow runner, beating the crap out of some brambles with a large stick part way round. He was very startled to find me on the path behind him – not quite as unnerved as I was to find a very jumpy man with a big stick battering plants in the middle of the countryside, I can tell you. I can only guess that they had caused him some injury and he was trying to keep them off the path, but he was giving it some welly.

Anyway. Juneathon is a Good Thing, I was thinking before I encountered him. If you are in the frame of mind where you just need a nudge, it will indeed give you enough of a nudge to get your arse out of the door. That said I have attempted *athons when I needed more or less than a nudge and it has been just too much of an ask; but it is so low-key and the fellow *athoners so kind I have never felt too bad for failing. So a good thing, full of nice people.

p.s. I am having problems keeping a charge in my phone, and with my broadband at home, hence the paucity of pretty pictures or Strava, I need to sort myself out, I know.


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