#Juneathon Day 11 splinty


juneathon 11

Cut down mileage a little as my shins are getting a bit splinty (please note link is only for healthy men, I have misappropriated it without permission).

Am going through an angsty do I/don’t I phase about my phone; it has reached the stage where the battery (not removable) doesn’t last a day and discharges overnight if unplugged. I found myself on Amazon looking at buying a second power pack, (I have a small one), and going through another round of app deletion, at which point I realised that I was being silly and perhaps I needed to accept that my Nexus was getting on a bit and needed to be retired.

Took it out today and it crashed the camera, then shut down Strava after about 2 miles. It had been on 80% battery when I left home. Sigh. Perhaps when I get the broadband sorted, sigh.

<insert regular Juneathon comment about lots of washing>

<insert other regular comment about ending up rambling because that is what happens when you blog every day>


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