#Juneathon Day 14 Oyster day

Took ages to get my arse out of the door today, and left it too late to go for a long run; so I was in a grump for various reasons when I did get out. Thank you Juneathon, or I wouldn’t have gone.

long rock tide out
Towards Herne Bay from Long Rock

The sea was really far out ( I have just tried to see if there was a reason, or it was just coincidence that I went out at low tide for the first time – I will need to spend a few hours trying to understand more about tides- I know nothing) so I decided that this was clearly my Juneathon adventure for the day and went exploring.

Whitstable from long rock
Whitstable from Long Rock

Herne Bay is not a sandy beach kind of place, like most south coast towns it is mainly shingle most of the time. And when the tide goes out there is a lot of mud, which is good for the invertebrates and thus the birds (and allow for the oysters I guess – again I know nothing about oysters).

juen14So I ventured off piste – the left hand rectangle on the map shows where I started pottering through the mud and shingle. The map appears to show the land at low water, most of it is normally underwater. As the shore of Long rock is out of bounds due to probably nesting birds I was never actually on the shore, just the bits that had attached seaweed on and would therefore be bad nest sites.

hampton pier
Rocky/shingle extension to Hampton Pier

And the second rectangle is on Hampton Pier where I stopped to watch the kite surfers, for the first time I noticed that the wind is blowing on shore, not left or right but straight on; which I guess makes it a good time to kite surf? (I am so non-maritime it is embarrassing.)

Kite surfers
Kite surfers

And once I had taken those pics I looked over the edge of the pier (for the history of the pier try here) I saw some of the big, rufty-tufty gulls (Herring and Great Black backed) were eating something interesting, and from my (spot the recurring theme here) rather feeble Googling, I have come to the conclusion that they were rays of some sort, but the ‘wings’ were eaten first. It must have been stormy on the front as there were bits of seaweed on the pier, so I guess the rays were stranded, bashed by surf on pier?

3 rays
3 rays? the third is the right way up and centre top

And I found this oyster in my path on the front, as if it had been left for me, so I brought it home.


And I got my toes all dirty!

dirty toes


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  1. winsometahn says:

    Did you eat the oyster?

    1. winsometahn says:

      I’m sort of joking!

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