#Juneathon day 17 Let’s pretend it’s Sunday

As I am working at the weekend, I realised that I ought to get my long run in today so I set out relatively early.


As I have entered, glutton for punishment that I am, the Great Langdale Mara again, I need to start upping my longest run to a little nearer 20 miles than 10. To be honest it didn’t feel as awful as I was expecting, considering I ran 10 miles on Monday and 8 on Tuesday. The weather has finally warmed up, and I ran out of water as predicted, and had trouble finding somewhere that would sell me water in a plastic bottle (Whitstable is a little artisan at times).


It was a monumentally slow run because:

– I was taking it easy

– I had to make several calls about my car

– I had to try 3 different places to actually buy water

– I stopped to take photos as usual

20150617_111541  20150617_111341

And a compare and contrast exercise between my Polar: 15.01 miles (bottom),  and Strava:16.7 miles  (top) – though note that Strava has the auto-pause thingy on.Juneathon_day_17___Run___Strava



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