#Juneathon day 19 Merry crow-round

Yes, loved ones, I am going to talk about the sewage treatment place in Wisley Village again; no it has never got old for me, not in 8 and a bit years.

Because I work in horticulture, I am very nearly always working somewhere beautiful; our office is on a farm estate nestling under the North Downs, I tend to go to meetings in gardens. Tough eh? Today and this weekend I need to work from RHS Wisley, which is a good location to run from. Especially, and I can’t emphasise this enough, if you run through Wisley village, over the bridge and stop. On your right you will see a sewage treatment farm with the slowing spinning metal booms, and on those booms are crows (possibly rooks) solemnly riding round and round. There is nothing that quite compares to this sight for me, it never fails to light up my day with its whole serious silliness. The crows on the platform on the right appear to be queuing for the ride.


Sigh, happy happy.

But onwards. Another easy heart-rate monitor controlled (inner phew as I am quite weary, though embarrasingly keen to run) pootle. Along the really (and I do feel bad about this) ugly Wey and Arun Navigations.


I did spend a silly amount of time trying to take pictures of Beautiful Demoiselles and ducklings and failing. But here are the results anyway (the blue sparkly things behind the greenery)


And the ducklings should (should) be self-evident.

20150619_144039Polar 5. 5miles v Strava 6.9 miles. TBH it was just on or a smidge under 6 as I have run that route a lot. And just about 200m into the scary cow meadow is 3 miles.


One Comment Add yours

  1. runtezza says:

    Great photos thanks for sharing them. I regularly run past a sewage plant but it’s behind a hedge so no birds to spot

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