#Juneathon day 22 not quite waiting for the storm to pass, not quite dancing in the rain



Hampton Pier beach huts are the group nearest to home. And the only ones that I look at the back-end of really. So today you have two very different ones. The one above in case you can’t make it out says ‘Do you serve shrimps with tea?’

The photo was taken on the way out (if you look at the map below it is midway through the first long straight bit on the coast.


This one is a bit nearer to home (by about 10m) and I only noticed it because this is where I stopped to put my phone in a sandwich bag (I tend to carry a bag when it looks like it might rain heavily..). I had seen the approaching rain towards Sheppey and (as you can see below) speeded up a bit to try to get home. Not because I needed to, summer rain is quite fun, and my phone was safe, but I just fancied seeing if I could do it; and I did. The beach hut reminds me of this which is a lovely (if you can say that) book about depression. It was so much fun running fast (in me terms, not in Paula Radcliffe terms), I am worried I may have had a running personality transplant without noticing.
polarpersonaltrainer_comNature news: ran past a tern on the way out and it was hovering and diving (which is why I noticed it) on the shore where the waves were about 30cm deep at the most. She/he was moving up the coast at about 6 miles per hour but still hunting and diving about once per breakwater. It then returned to normal flying speed and nearly lost me (I am guessing it pootled at about 18 mph) but stopped to feed its chick on the beach. The interesting thing was that there were two black headed gulls on the beach as well and they looked just a bit animated and hopeful that the tern would accidentally feed them in mistake for the very large chick. It didn’t.


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