#Juneathon day 24


polarpersonaltrainer_comMile by mile:

Mile 1 – Warm up, in bad mood, can’t keep my heart rate down because I am mentally chewing on stuff. Gah!

Mile 2 – Mmmm it is nice and warm, there are people swimming in the sea (!) and I can see the Family Bernard ( a family with 3¾ St Bernards) out and about. Perhaps life is ok then.

Mile 3- Should I follow what is in my program (probably about an hour at under 134 bpm ish) or .. oh I have already ignored it haven’t I? Ah well.

Mile 4 – Shall I just do 7 miles at turn at 3.5? or ..oh look the Hog’s Fennel is nearly in flower, I will take a photo or two. Now I have done 3.6 it would be silly not to go all the way to 4.


Mile 5 – Ooo doesn’t the sky look funny? Does it mean anything? I thought the forecast was a bit dull?


Mile 6 -Ooo what is that plant? I haven’t seen that one before.


Mile 7 -Ooh look, lots of little dogs. And lots of little people in wet suits,  Wednesday must be open water night in Herne Bay. The sky really does look funny, not quite funny enough for another photo, but still funny.

Mile 8 – Baldric is going to be very peckish, it is 40 minutes past dinner time. Why is the pavement so chamomiley? Is it chamomile? Mustn’t stop, will look strange sniffing pavement weeds, will just smell of dog wee anyway.

Profound thinker, me.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie says:

    The pink pea thing is an Ononis. Not sure if it is repens (which is not always repens), or spinosa (which is not always terribly spiny). Plants…

  2. mercyjm says:

    Thank you sweetpea!

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