#Juneathon the penultimate.


8 miles – mojo back.

Not so sure it was a bad long run (as in each hangover is the fault of a bad crisp, not the 8 pints of beer) more a bit of stress. I felt crap starting out, then as usual managed to distract myself and felt great on the way back; and wanted to go out again an hour later.

So what was out there today?

I have come to the conclusion that this vessel is actually laying the cable to the whirlycopters, rather than just being present in the area to act as a reward for me making it to the end of the road.

20150629_124338  20150629_135737

It does look like it is doing something, doesn’t it?


And a proper new bird. An egret on Long Rock. A nice polite sort of bird that waits for you to run past it, think ‘ooh bird! ‘, stop, walk back, pull out phone, start camera app, focus and press go. You can actually see it better in the reflection.

And a story of a failed escape

I was wearing one of the few pairs of shorts I own that have a key pocket (thanks blokey designers), and at almost exactly mile 4 I felt my keys burrow their way out of the pocket (at the rear) and begin their slow but determined escape. I did try to ignore them for a bit, as there were quite a few people around, but I gave in and shoved a hand up the back of my shorts from the leg to retrieve them.

It turns out, on closer examination, that the keys must have been planning their escape for some months. Slowly eating away at the mesh pocket, strand by strand. But as I type, they are back in the cooler, and if I turn my music down I can hear the sound of a very tiny baseball hitting the wall.


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