#Juneathon the last


3.1 miles in the sun (and a lovely breeze) along the sea front. Gorgeous gorgeous day out there. Crappy crappy journey home on the (not working at all ) M25 and the (oh good, still Operation Stack) M20.

Still, here we are at the end of Juneathon, and I have to say that I have enjoyed it embarrassingly much. It has been a pain in the arse sometimes, and it has hurt a bit; but overall the gains have been worth it. I had a really bad phase of anxiety at the beginning/middle of the month and I was so close to going to the GP I don’t have. But there was one long run where it suddenly stopped dead. I can only assume it got tired or I finally reached enough endorphins to chase it away. Whatever, I am happy.

And as is traditional with successful ‘athoners, I will vow to keep doing it and doubtless fail tomorrow.

So what did I do? (here comes the problem.. I used both Strava when my phone/s were working/charged and my Polar RCX5 ditto, so there is a conflict here. There were also a few oddities in the gym that didn’t fit the recording medium.

Polar stats (will be missing a couple of the 1 mile out and backs): 174.1 miles run in June; which is massively more than I have ever run in a month before (I feel good for it, no injuries no worsening of any twinges).

Strava shows 157.2 I think (I have had to use a calculator, always risky).

Clearly I will be going with Polar.

Other stats:

Things replaced or now in need of replacement: my road shoes (I would have a new pair if poxy MyHermes hadn’t bollocksed up a delivery) have just split; my phone was retired and a new one purchased mid-June,  I had to buy a new thingies belt, but it has proved useful; i have come close to running out of clothes to run in, which I thought was impossible. Headphones died a couple of days ago.

Things I should have done at the end of May:

– Bought a new bottle of Halo (I use soap nuts mostly, but could really have done with some Halo)
– Cut my toenails
– Made a mental note of the lovely drinking water taps on Tankerton beaches
– Ordered new shoes (awesome time to run shoes in)
– Splashed out on extra Audible credit
– Had just a teeny bit of faith in myself.

ps. the big difference for me between this successful year, and past non-successful years has been mainly that I only work part-time at the moment, slightly less important but still noticeable is that I moved house recently to somewhere that is completely new to run in, so there is a lot of fun in seeing the beach every day still.

But anyway, if you read this, thanks Cathy, excellent fun!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. runtezza says:

    Well done on your Juneathon and all the great blogging. Enjoy the new shoes!

  2. winsometahn says:

    That is awesome mileage – well done! The discrepancy between your two recording devices is somewhat worrying – I don’t think I could cope with that, I would have to triple check every run on mapmyrun!

  3. abradypus says:

    Super mileage 🙂

    Fingers crossed your new shoes arrive soon.

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