No nudes today

Bit of a grumpy, bitty day at work so cut my losses and went for a run relatively early. The weather has been equally grumpy and bitty with sharp showers and humid sun in uneven measures; it is a lot cooler than last week so much more practical for running (in that I don’t have to over-plan as I do when I know I am going to need 4 gallons of water per mile).

I went up on the North Downs from work (no naked ramblers today, just a nervy horse) and the ground is so dry and dusty, even after odds and sods of rain over the last few days. 6ish miles in an hourish, so I got as far as under the A3 and out of the woods – dithered about going another mile to make 8 miles, which is a weirdly attractive distance, but decided not to.

I can think of absolutely nothing thrilling to relate about the run, other than the fact that I am massively grateful I can run because it is just a lovely thing to be able to do, and it makes me happy when I am otherwise a grumpy old bat.

Random picture:

20150705_155613Lavandula ‘Sussex’ from our stand at Hampton Court.


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