I have had an on and off migraine for a couple of days, so have avoided running. Thought I might do my long run today, then thought I might not. Finally forced myself out of the door for a quicky at about 4pm (no tv licence and I find the radio tennis immensely frustrating). Pretty much as frustrating as the WordPress editor today..grrr.


I got as far as the coast and realised that the tide was out…and my trainers were too white, and I HAD to go and get them dirty.


And then the just getting dirty turned into a full-scale beach comb, and I met a teenaged lad who is clearly going to turn into an earthworm rescuer because he was worrying (as was I) about the feasibility of re-seaing the stranded jellyfish (a smallish gathering, not a swarm in any way).


We decided that we weren’t sure that picking them up was a good idea or possible, helping them with your shoe appeared to be destructive, and there was therefore no good solution. We also agreed that we didn’t even know if they were dead, or dying or aware of our feeble efforts.
20150712_165603Not a moorhen

So I pottered off up the coast, and did sort of a bit of running on the way back, though feeling a bit feeble still.


Also not a moorhen


Much better, no?


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