Long run


If you work odd hours and days, and live in a tourist area, Monday is a very good day for a long run. Especially if you don’t do it on Sunday because.

Now I have been a bit feeble recently, and this morning was no exception. I just could not find a safe spot in my head to rest my thoughts. I have no idea if I am the only person to go through phases of this, but it was bad this morning. I almost turned for home to get an audiobook, as they are better at distraction than just plain music sometimes. I fidgeted mentally for a whole 2 miles, and then realised at about 3 that I had settled without realising.

So I pottered off with a target of 16 odd miles, and was having so much fun I did 18 instead. The surroundings on the coast change so much it is difficult to draw a line and say ‘now I am turning back’; there is always just a little more to see before I go home. And if I hadn’t been still a bit fidgety I wouldn’t have looked over the coast wall, or climbed over the coast wall to see if it was fun, despite it not being very runnable.

And I found a couple of plants that I knew should be in the area, but I hadn’t been able to track down: Limonium (sea lavender or statice if you are a flower arranger) one of those flowers that dries perfectly.


And look, you can find herbarium specimens of similar plants from the area but in 1930! (sometimes the internet is so thrilling it defies words).

<there would be a picture here, but despite it now being at least 4 hours since I got home, and my phone is placed encouragingly next to the router, only one photo could be uploaded by frigging Talktalk – yes I have complained>

And Crithmum maritimum – one of the plants called Samphire (the other is Salicornia, the one that most people will have eaten). I know at some point one of my friends will ask why I have not sampled any of these edible delights that I find while running. I will point them in the direction of the high levels of dog ownership in this part of Kent.

Crap time which I haven’t actually looked at, mainly due to botanising; but excellent run. Love running, love finding plants. Will edit to put the pictures in once the good fairy of bandwith returns to HB.


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  1. runtezza says:

    Great photo as always. Re what to listen to when running am enjoying This American Life podcast a lot at moment.

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