A post on not running


Yesterday I ran. It was only about 2 miles but I ran.

And I really needed to run, for various reasons I was so wired that I just needed to remove some of the chemicals from my bloodstream. And so despite having 18 miles in my legs from the day before, I went out to potter for a mile and ended up doing a mix of potters and sprints for 2.5 miles. Looks like nothing on Strava or Polar, but parts of it felt very good.

I think the big difference for me, is that in the last six months or so I have found a third gear. When I was struggling a couple of years ago I had one speed, somewhere around 11 minute miles. When I started to pick up, I regained another speed (for racing) of under 10 minute miling, which was utterly brilliant, mainly because I had thought I would never see it again.

And in the last couple of weeks, I have found that there is a third gear hiding. I can just (as if I was in a car) put my foot down and accelerate and run flat out for a bit. Now, for many runners reading this that is a given. And I do accept that I occasionally accelerate in a normal run to pass irritations, and that I run a lot faster for 5ks that I do in training. But this is different. It is fun.

And the best thing about the extra gear is that when I am very angry or sad or just have an emotion that is strong that there is no name for, I can just push and push and push, and it feels good, not bad.

Need an antidote to this seriousness?

20150715_185008Baldric taking the afternoon air, and clearly not admiring (because he can’t see it) the contoured cat lawn with long and short parts for his delectation. NB from a horticultural perspective the whole lawn thing would have worked better if it had bloody rained at all in the last few weeks…. bah


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