Not sure quite how many accidental hits this will generate. It is a family in-joke, that botanising is ‘bottomising’ because your arse is typically in the air for much of the time that you are examining plants. Which is what I was doing during today’s long run.

2015-04-18 09.44.51

It is also pertinent to mention that while I have seen no naturists on the non-naturist beach, the MWRLC saw one within 30 seconds yesterday. I clearly am not tuned into nude unless it is slapped in front of me (so to speak).20150720_142713

Anyway, I did 18nish miles depending on which system you trust (Strava which is normally generous, is upset by Seasalter and in my opinion undermeasures, Polar is ok, I have also used OS maps and Fetch to check – am I just a bit too concerned?). But to be honest the nish is fine as long as the 18 is more or less there.


My mission for this one was Cakile maritima (set by the Moorhen Photographer in Chief) or sea rocket. Definitely in the area, should be easy to spot as lives within the first layer of vegetation on the shore, just above the flotsam & jetsam. has pinky/lilac flowers. Easy? no. Found? yesss I think so.


Found a bit of a sad looking one, then a much more robust one in completely the wrong place ( I was doubtful, so squished a leaf and the smell was ROCKET!! no lower case allowed)


Negative split due to bottomising. Lots of water guzzled (more than a litre I think, have been taking Camelbak and pack out on long runs recently), bit hamstringy but that is normal for the last 2-3 years. Have put the final hill back into most runs because I am a bit worried that this endless seafront obsession is destroying my hill climbing ability.


Baldric has been tasked with researching the next plant.




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  1. is it still bottomising when you are photographing buttock ups 😉

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