As usual at this time of year, I scampered off to WOMAD with the Personal Untrainer and The Man who really Likes Cockles.

A rather convoluted holiday handover involved Baldric going on holiday with the Moorhen Photographer in Chief (are you confused yet?), after confining him for a day in the office (Baldric. not the MPinC) which he found dull, despite the best efforts of Mlle. Tridactyle and I to amuse him. Anyway, enough of the pseudonyms and on with the mud.

Madame C (this is becoming more of a soap opera with each paragraph, apologies) the car was feeling peaky, as was I. So we broke the journey in two and stayed in the glamorous environs of Chieveley services after dropping B with the MPinC, and before meeting up with the PunT and the MWRLC. I was tired and grumpy and feeling wan. I just cannot drive normally at the moment, every rumble is a disaster every squeak indicates that Madame C is rending in two*.

So I went to get some snacks and a can of G&T, once I had checked in at the Travelodge, and the young man on the till at M&S carded me! (I am 49). I looked sternly at him, he twitched and I cackled. And he came out with some stuff about letting me off this time, but next time….And I was just so cheered up that he had noticed that I was tired and mumpy and made the effort to cheer me up. Sometimes humans are just nice to each other for no reason, and it is lovely.

M4 or A34..

But getting on with the weekend. I got up nice and early and went for a run the next day (if anyone wants to hire me to do a series on ‘Travelodge Runs’ I am available). A very good location, leading directly from the services onto a selection of bridlepaths, greenways and footpaths. So you go in less than a minute from the pic above to the pic below:


And I had a lovely run through woodland, and tiny lanes with no traffic. Perfect.

After that, a quick potter up the road to Malmesbury and WOMAD.
A very nice place for running, I have done a few routes over the years, but most of them can be classified as into Malmesbury from Charlton Park and back again. I do mean to do something more adventurous but never quite get there, as the town is very pretty and I am very lazy. 20150725_074256Meant to run on Sunday (this morning). Failed. The forecast for the weekend was as follows (and please excuse the meteorological terminology): Friday – wet, Saturday nice and sunny, Sunday – wetter than Friday.

So I was woken at 4.30am by the rain and thought that was probably it for the morning. It wasn’t but it did mean that I got most of my stuff in the car before 6am, and managed 3 cups of coffee. With hindsight, I could have got a nice 10 miler in. But I didn’t.

20150725_180656Our Kitekite

For the first time we took a flag pole and a kitekite. But we were saddened and concerned by the fate of a neighbouring bald eagle.

20150724_133035Fallen eagle

And demonstrating the dry terrain:



*I think that I am just 0.05% stressed enough to trigger my driving anxiety, which hasn’t shown itself for umpteen years due to being masked by antidepressants. It is a good thing, as the inner me is a person who is scared of driving – it is an indication that I am no longer hiding stuff from myself. It is a bad thing in that it is pigging impractical and annoying.


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