Vitamin Sea



It was going to be called ‘Fine weather for Normans’; but half way through it became apparent that the Normans would have to wait, and the chalk take precedence.

A Norman

Been feeling a bit peaky (well not really peaky, probably just sandbagging) so didn’t do my scheduled long run yesterday, and didn’t quite have the time today. So I did my very favourite distance of 8 miles (so Eminem..).

Many, many days have passed since I pottered along the coast, very nearly a week; so things have changed. By gallivanting off to WOMAD I missed the Noyster Festival in Whistable which appears to have included a beer festival (sniffle). However, all was not lost. They left the happy graffiti for me. So hard to run past it without smiling or laughing.

20150729_112302 20150729_112215 20150729_112153
20150729_112051And and and. They go and make the place a Coastal Park while I was away (or rather, stick up the interp).


And thanking Runtezza for podcast suggestions, anyone else have favourites?


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