Madame C made me do it

The car (Madame C) is in the garage having her whiny turbo and squeaky brake examined. As I type I feel that I am losing hundreds of pounds…but I don’t know until I get the verdict on how much each noise will cost to fix. So I thought a good way to get back from the garage and get my long run in finally, would be to run a few miles in the wrong direction and then run home. It proved to be a good idea.

Jul 31

Very pleased that the last 3 miles were the fastest. These were entirely sugar-fuelled, thanks to a stop at the wonderful Waldens of Seasalter; purveyors of sugary sports drink at 50p a bottle and a range of sweets of an unfamiliar but pocket-friendly nature. I had Jelly Berries, which proudly proclaim themselves to be both gluten and fat free (which is an expected but possibly under-exploited virtue in something that is presumably 100% sugar). They were a tasty hybrid of fruit pastille and the pink/blue bobbly liquorice allsort. I feel this will be a regular stop in the future.20150731_105329

Tide was out, which was nice. I for once, resisted the urge to bottomise.


These two bullocks get their own photo because they are bullocks that I made move out of my way. I am scared of cows, and quite frequently alter my route to avoid them (I tend to opt for bridleways in general due to the lower cow probability factor). But the clincher here was that they were between me and the gate, and if I had gone round them, they would have been between me and the safety of the sea wall. So rather than surrender my wall, I told them, firmly and kindly I felt, that they were going to move. And reluctantly they did. Like many teens, they stood and stared first, to see if I would crumble, and then good naturedly ambled off.


Sheerness in the distance.20150731_102800Look at all those plants, just begging me to jump the wall….



5 Comments Add yours

  1. runtezza says:

    Well done on the bullock face off — you are brave!

    1. mercyjm says:

      I still don’t quite believe I did it! running me is sometimes braver than the other me. 🙂

  2. Tim Upson says:

    Echium, sea beet, carrots and sea kale – very nicew

    1. mercyjm says:

      Almost dinner, for people who eat vitamins…

      1. Sophie says:

        It looks tasty! We should set a date for our next catch-up meeting, I haven’t forgotten about the oysters…

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