Trying, not trying


Because I am trying to introduce a modicum of focus into my running schedule ( I have a bad history with plans) I am trying to Parkrun more regularly as a way of doing speedwork in some form. I find it impossible to run in a crowd (as Parkrun is not a race) without overtaking, moving up, overtaking and on; so if I run a 5k in company it means I run at race pace for that distance.


Now, having done my long run yesterday, I had put on my to-do list ‘Parkrun- you want to fail’ for today. Intending to aim for less than 30 minutes. But when I got there (I ran slowly the 3 miles to Tankerton) it was such a beautiful morning, and the Hog’s fennel was so pretty, and I felt really lucky just to be me (a person who could run by the sea in the sun with lots of other people!) that I went faster than intended.

parkrun 1.8

So I came in at 27.31 without really meaning to. You can see from the above that I  started off slower and then forgot what I was supposed to be doing. Which made me even more happy,so I pootled back for another 3 miles meaning about 9 miles in total today.


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