Unable to count to 5


Very mixed day.

Dropped Madame C off at her Citroen creche (for turbo thingy replacement, a hose or tube or pipe or something, can’t remember); cycled to Uni for an interview, cycled back home. Realised that the garage couldn’t ring me because 3 had apparently stepped temporarily out of the phone signal market; cycled to garage, found Madame C was all better.

Much to the interest of the staff I then put Claud (the bike) into Madame C and went home (Claud fits just, he wouldn’t if I wasn’t a shortarse and had the seat in a normal position). Now, I haven’t been on the bike for a couple of months, and only a few times this year in total, and it was hard. The route (Crab & Winkle Way) from the coast/garage/home to Uni is lovely, mostly off road, but hilly. And interestingly my car noise obsession/panic works on the bike as well; I spent the whole of the first few miles worrying that Claud’s bottom bracket was going. Sigh. (Looking at the info below, the greyish altitude is fine, the red heartrate data is bonkers – it was a bit odd the other day, so I wonder if the battery is on the way out).


Then I went out and did a hill session, so I am basking in smug. However I thought I had done five ups, but both Strava and Polar say it was four. Must remember to do a finger stocktake before the next counting attempt, perhaps I have mislaid one.

polarpersonaltrainer_comThe way that the PPT website shows it is slightly confusing though. You have to look at the upper graph for the physical representation (about 1m above sea level lowest point, and up the same hill several times but not always the same way); the lower one shows ascent and descent per mile lap. The hearate data here looks fine although I know it is skewed at the end because I was thinking of work, so it didn’t drop till I forcibly stopped myself and thought of kittens instead.


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