A long way


That is what my lower back is telling me, I wish it would shut up. Twenty miles – the other way (i.e. going towards the sea and turning right instead of left).

birchington 20

Once you get out of the town centre beach area with the pier, harbour and amusements Herne Bay is very quiet.


As you climb up on the cliffs above Bishopstone Glen it gets less concretey; the seeds in the foreground are Alexanders (Smyrnium olusatrum).


It is about 5 miles to Reculver from home, and once on the other side it goes back to concrete (with the odd relaxing bit of tarmac) but the inland is a lot diffferent, mainly flat salt-marsh.


I noticed this for the first time today, it is very modestly positioned and easy to miss. I hope someone puts up one of these for me if I die in action (so to speak).


Onto new territory – this is near the delightfully named Plumpudding Island (not currently an island, but presumably was when Thanet really was the Isle of..) A little inland lagoon, the sea is on the right hand side on the other side of the shingle bank. There is a small colony of Hog’s fennel here.


The next settlement (town? not sure) down the coast from Reculver is Birchington on Sea which has sand on the beach! Or more exactly in Minnis Bay which looked a nice place to take kids for a beach day – plenty of sand with an unusual manmade paddling/dipping pool for those who don’t want to wander down the coast a bit


Once past the beach area it gets really odd – it is chalk country here rather than the sand at Reculver, but different to the chalk I am used to in Sussex. Even where it hasn’t been shored up with bricks it is very blocky in formation. The sea front is still concrete and deserted but there are passages and doors leading inland.


And odd bits of building, haven’t had the time to look it up yet to see what all these things were. I must also add that the chalk graffiti was rather Enid Blyton-esque (the above are actually pictures of Superman), except for one bit of Birchington which I would classify as the Chalk Penis Capital of East Kent. I did sort of want to take pictures of them, but I felt that the families on the seafront might call some form of mental health support.


It is also an excellent beach combing area when the tide is out, and I managed to find a skate egg-case (not sure which sort, I am rehydrating two of them as I type.) It is the Great Egg Case hunt, if you had missed it..One of the best things about running with a backpack is that I can take home stupid amounts of beach stuff, and take a wardrobe change.


In the spring, just after I had moved here, I found the apple trees in blossom near Reculver, and in answer to my inner pondering, yes they do bear fruit. It is tucked down below the level of the sea wall, but clearly there as you can see. I was curious to see how they achieved the chilling requirement so close to the sea, but it turns out that they don’t need it as cold as I thought. The tops of the trees seem to get burnt off regularly by the saltspray.

20150806_142020 And once I was back in the Bay, I found this! Not sure if it is new or whether I hadn’t seen it before, but it is a very public spirited gesture. As you can see it was windy today.


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  1. runtezza says:

    Fab post and pictures as ever. Hope your back feels better soon!

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