Another long run

Been a patchy week, running wise. I had a crap run where I just felt dizzy and sick, not badly, but enough to put me off moving faster, so I turned at 2.5 miles and walked home.

Then I had a beachcombey run because I struggled to get out, and then made myself go on the grounds that the tide was out, so of course I had to potter down to the edge.20150812_183636

If you can believe it, this is a pic of windsurfers off Whitstable, trust me they are there.

So I decided on a minimal-options-for-wimping route for the today’s long run: take the train to 20 miles away and run home. So I went to Broadstairs! Never been before, indeed I have never even been to Margate before; but it is a very reasonable 25 minutes/£5.40 away and the coast path is nearish to the station.


It turned out to be an interesting place, not actually full of Faragistas as I had been expecting. The pedestrians were slightly odd due to fact there is a folk festival, and half the visitors seemed to feel the need to dress as the more eccentric characters from a Morris troupe. It also turns out that they keep all the sand at that end of the coast, which is why there is none here. As you can see, they primp and preen it with a tractor at the beginning of the day.


The sea still has a bit of energy in it from yesterday’s storms.


It was a nice route, not completely flat, as you have to leave the coast occasionally.


This was on the east side of Margate, all by itself in an area not much frequented. Not sure if it was working.


I think this a family of ringed plovers (may be little ringed plovers, they look very similar to me). Nice polite little birds, easy to find and photograph today, I keep trying to catch them on the shore but they move very, very fast, skittering along the wave edges.


And this the turnaround point (10 miles) from last week, so the rest of the run was familiar. I have a severe lack of patience with regard to the upload process on the tablet so won’t put up the cuttlefish or ray-egg pictures. But my eggs from last week turned out to be Thornback ray, and I think I have another 4 from today (empty cases, I am not bringing them home to turn into omelettes).


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