Past moorhens in electronic aspic

Having finally lost my patience with Polar’s lack of support for Polar Personal Trainer ( I know it is/has been sluggishly moving to Polarflow, but still..) I have wandered back into the world of Garmin. It annoys me when a company produces a good piece of hardware and then makes it worthless by not maintaining the apps/websites/support that sit behind it.

It made me think that there are so many incarnations of my running self spread through time. I have used several Garmin Forerunners (the 101, 205, 405CX and a 10, some of which uploaded to desktop programmes, some to whatever web-based interface Garmin were using at the time. Prior to the whole Garmin thing I went through at least 3 Omron pedometers and paper training diaries, I am not a person who can just ‘go for a run’; otherwise I would not be blogging. (3.7miles, hill session, in case you were wondering – after a work commute that I had to give up on, and a stinker of a migraine).

For a long time I used Fetcheveryone to try to make a little sense of this, but because I favour Chrome on a Mac that all went to pot at some point a few years ago; and in the intervening period I have built up too much data to easily upload, though I did have a go last year.

So I have a good 6 years worth of data on Fetch, similar on one Garmin account, and then I have a year on Polar, and some recent stuff on Strava and Google Fit. I did look at trying to rationalise this a while ago and found a thingy called Tapiirik which will sync your data, but trying to work out what to pull from where, and worse, where to send it just makes my head hurt. One day, I will be really brave and do it – the bonuses being: finding my pbs (I am relatively certain, but need confirmation), finding mileage over the years and whether I am getting better or worse. The main issue is a cross-cutting one, I find it at work, there is no perfect place to keep data on anything (fitness, archives, music etc etc) so we end up fragmenting, moving, copying our data between various apps and repositories.

And no, I shouldn’t have stuck to the paper diary. Really. 🙂

Have a Baldric, I’ll stop whinging.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Baldric’s looking mighty fine!

    1. mercyjm says:

      He is almost slender now…

  2. runtezza says:

    Well done on the hill session — hope you are feeling better now. What an interesting post — I guess our bodies themselves are the only reliable archives of all this athletic effort.

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