Still here

Sometimes I draft blog posts in my head while I am running, and then a few days later realise that I have failed to do any actual typing.


Signs on the Crab and Winkle Way (Whit to Canterbury)


So this week I have run 41.8 miles including hills, running to and from Uni, Whitstable Parkrun and a recovery or two. The weather was a bit too warm yesterday, but was lovely after it rained today.

20150823_145809 20150823_144241

Seaside Clematis vitalba in the shingle just past Tankerton.



And B’s whiskers. Today he killed a gym-ball while I was sitting on it. He didn’t mean to, he thought it was a snake (it turns out that they hiss if you stick a claw in them). I nearly landed in the cat-litter tray, but not quite. A thoroughly punctured gym-ball deflates in less than a second.


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