Active recovery

I type this from the middle of a pile of stinky washing – the penalty for a weekend of patchy weather and nowhere to dry things. Poor Madame C smells like someone has trapped a wet labrador in the boot and run away.


On Sunday I thought the best thing to do was go for a walk, the weather was a lot nicer and I was in the Lake District so it seemed rude not to. I meant to go to Grizedale Forest to look for red kites, but as is often the way I ended up somewhere many miles away (short version: I am using my phone as a sat nav and it just couldn’t get enough data to plot a route, so I decided I could work it out for myself 🙂 )


I ended up on the eastern shores of Windermere and decided to try out the Bowness ferry as a foot passenger (50p!) and go for a walk on the far side. This had the advantage of offering a flat, lakeside route that looked easy to navigate and was out and back so I could turn as I soon as I felt tired.

20150913_130328Unusually I was right and it was easy to navigate, so much so that I put away the map after a mile. It was however too interesting so I went further than I meant. Main points of interest: swimming, diving birds (turned out to be Red Breasted Mergansers) nice scenery, and a swimming event that I just couldn’t believe was so long! After looking it up I find it was even longer than I realised, 10 miles…

20150913_123507If you look carefully (odd wordpress formatting here..) on the right of the pic you can see the support canoe with the swimmer. Very much needed when you realise the amount of motor traffic on the lake.
So I just kept going round each corner until I found the finish, I suspect that the whole endurance thing was uppermost in my mind and I was so horrified at the amount of willpower and strength that they must have to complete something like that, I just had to see one of them get out.


The whole walk was just under 10 miles, and was very pleasant; along with swimmers I met lots of walkers, cyclists, blind cyclists (some on tandems and some I assume were partially sighted on their own) and dogs.

Worried about what Baldric was up to while I was getting damp? Fear not, he was staying in an elite establishment that offered cat swimming pools:



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  1. Sophie says:

    Wow, that’s an upgrade from the bathroom sink…(erm for Baldric, not you)

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