Run again

Trying to create a routine when your week seems to have irregular edges is quite difficult. I am used to a 5 day work week, or at least an approximation of one, so having more fluid timing is odd. It is also almost 100% guilt-ridden, you are caught between knowing you should be enjoying it, and knowing with equal certainty that you are going to die in the gutter with no money.

Kniphofia, Herne Bay looking towards Long Rock

So I went for a run, took some pictures and pondered the prospect of the all-too-soon CTS Suffolk Ultra (24th October). My training has bombed because of the snotty sniffle; and because I am busy ( I am, don’t snigger) for the next 4 days, I can’t try a long run to see how badly I have dipped. My last long run was the Great Langdale Marathon, on the 12th September, which will work out as 6 weeks before the ultra. If (if) I can get in a 20mile+ run or two before the 24th I should be ok I hope.


It is a 50k, so marathon-ready should suffice; it is in about the most bird-ridden location in the country so I am unlikely to be going more than 1/2 mile without stopping to stare at stuff. The main hurdle is probably convincing myself not to DNS out of panic (I can’t do the distance, the car will break down, I will spontaneously combust on the start line, I can’t drive back when tired, I will trip over and get eaten by a yeti, I will go through a transdimensional portal at the Dartford Crossing instead of the tunnel, I will get lost on the way there and be late); if I can make myself start then I will at least find out whether I can, rather than speculating if I might.


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  1. Kate says:

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about the difficulties about going through life without a set schedule around which to organize all the things you want to do. Summer, rather than being the glorious buffet of outdoor experience and exercise, usually ends up being more akin to hibernation because when I could go run/ride anytime that time keeps getting pushed back until tomorrow.

    Go race! You’ll see lots of cool things, and in the unlikely event you can’t, even a DNF is better than sitting on your couch soaking in self-recrimination.

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