Pier to pier

And yes, I am still capable of running, and remembering that I like running in the rain. Which is lucky because it is blowing a hoolie out there.

One of the many riches that Herne Bay delivers is a plethora (well, two) of piers. Both more or less broken. And if those two links don’t convince you of the endless fascination of English seaside towns, nothing will. The right hand blob is Herne Bay pier, and the left Hampton.


Or rather the right is the end of the extent of Herne Bay pier reachable without wings. From the current seaward end you can see what was originally the seaward end. Nearly as long as the record setting Southend but not quite (HB pier was 1154m long in its prime, compared to the colossal 2158m of Southend). It is popular with cormorants.


3 ish miles in a very slow time. But I did run up a lot of steps in compensation


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  1. Emma says:

    hoolie bobblesquoolie

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