And with absolutely minimal training, a half marathon

I faffed and dithered and entered a few weeks ago, thinking it would push me into training a bit more. And it did and it didn’t. But I like the race, Madame C needed a long run (she is only doing very short journeys at the moment, which probably isn’t good for a lady of her age) and the weather looked horrible, so I thought I would go.

I forgot that because the half (A20 Path n Downs) is an hour after the start of the full marathon, the car park is always full-ish if you arrive at what I consider to be a good time (minimum one hour prior to start). So I was forced to park creatively in a space that allowed for no door opening, I parked half a car behind my neighbours which led to a lot of near nose-squashings for Madame C, but worked out well in the end.


I had a very interesting discussion about hedgehog fleas at the start with a man who very kindly stopped me treading on what I think was a rove beetle. He also delighted me by telling me he dreamed of running a half in 2.10 (which was what I thought I would manage if I was lucky).

The race was less painful than I deserved and less arduous than I remember ( I think I have done the full marathon once and the half once?) though I seem to have enjoyed it last year. And I ran with roughly the same group of ladies all the way, leap-frogging back and forward over the miles. I sem to have come in at about 2.04 which is a lot faster than I deserved.

20151115_073144Incidental cat in sink.


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