Lots of little birds poorly focused

Still blustery, hard work going out, easy coming back. Not reflected in my speed, sadly.

Had decided to myself that there weren’t many birds out today, it being windy. And then I was on my way back and felt a bit spinny. It turned out that it wasn’t me it was the shingle, parts of which were moving, parts of which weren’t. Impossible to capture on my phone camera as I was trying to record the birds not the fact that they were invisible (if you see what I mean).

They are shockingly well camouflaged though. And they are immune to runners, they only get stressed and take flight if I stop. Though I guess barking and rushing around like a dog would give them cause to ponder. I am going to try for the advent thingy again. I give notice of failure in advance, there’s nothing like self-belief and commitment eh?


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