Advent nature table day 3


And especially for P, the MWRLC, the cockle! (I think that this is Cerastoderma either the common cockle or the lagoon cockle, but really I have no clue).

A recipe with cockles and samphire (but sadly it doesn’t specify which samphire…) I couldn’t find any details of giant prehistoric cockles but I can offer you an IMDB entry for a 1980’s tv series called Cockles that was shot in Herne Bay. Isn’t the internet wonderful?

3 miles-ish. Each advent run has been slightly faster than the last which is something I plant to put a stop to quite quickly.But bear in mind that some of this is birding and beach-combing and warm-up time…

Advent_day_1___Run___Strava Advent_day_2___Run___Strava Advent_day_3___Run___Strava



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  1. ereece63 says:

    Splendid! We are planning to pick some of the aforementioned if the gale permits. Blowing a hooley at the mo xxx


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