Advent nature table day 4

Faffy day, involving waiting for an Amazon delivery (yes, cat litter) that came as soon as I went out and was left with a very odd lady up the road. Then I broke a key off inside a lock at work. One of those occasions where you just look stupidly at the end of the key you have left and mentally list of all the things you can no longer do, because you can’t get into 12 drawers and two cupboards. And then you remember that the public are walking past, just centimetres behind you, so all that creative and fluent swearage you are about to emit has to be suppressed. Which I am sure will result in some sort of terrible mental hang-ups in the future, suppressing things is never good.

Feeling very sleepy and dopey as well, so not really keen on going for a run, which is where the excitement of the nature table takes over. And yes, I am at 49, the sort of person who is excited by a nature table. I am also the sort of person who was recently gently rebuked by a friend for comparing her cat to an Asian Longhorn Beetle…

I have to do a minimum of about 1.3 miles to get to the seashore and back from home, so if I want to get something beachy I have to do just a little run. And if I have done just a little run, I may as well do 3 miles, which is my internal ‘minimum run distance’.
2015-12-4 16-22-22

So I did three and came back with a whelk! I think it is Buccinum undulatum  (or more accurately, the shell of B. undulatum) the edible whelk. It is a sea snail, commonly found on soft bottoms, and native to the North Atlantic. They live on bivalves so could probably have eaten the cockle from yesterday.


3 miles-ish



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