Advent nature table day 8

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So the Outer Hebrides/Utter Sheepbrides (as previously featured). They are about as far from the east Kent coast as you can get. They are beautiful, very unspoilt, practice traditional crofting  land use and are a touch exposed to the Atlantic. If you ever get the chance to visit, go. Just remember to take all your outdoor clothing, all your cameras, and a bird book. Pictures show: a curlew, the location (top left hand corner of South Uist, but the curlew is on Benbecula), P-un-T demonstrating the wind) and the croft, which is at the top left hand corner of the island in the map. I am afraid I don’t know what it is that is snorkelling in the sand.

And onto today, and back to Kent. Where there has been some sun and some seaweed added to the nature table. 3 miles. I will do a cumulative photo of all the (English) acquisitions tomorrow. And some sex-changing shellfish. I bet you can’t wait.


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