Advent nature table day 9

Remember Crespidula fornicata the sex-changing Slipper Limpet? Well here it is in action. And a shot of a creature that luckily I didn’t meet when I was in the woods on Monday. Wood ant?

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Well anyway, wee Crespi doesn’t count because I snapped him a few days ago. Today’s run was a shorty, because I was late getting out, and shorter because I didn’t have enough time to wait for my gps to pick up a signal. So I am guessing at 2 miles. BUT the 2 miles had 98 steps in, just to make me feel a bit better.

On to today’s nature table item: seeds of Lunaria annua  or honesty, found by the shingle. Lunaria apparently refers to the moon-shaped seed ‘pods’, and honesty to their transparent/lucent nature (Wikipedia, so check before using in court).20151209_161239


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  1. Sophie says:

    In French we call the fruits Pope’s coins (honesty? Hmm…).
    As for our friend Crespidula, it’s funny because the French (especially in Brittany, where it is a big problem) blame the English for introducing it to Europe. But being French, we found an easy solution: it’s like a snail, so let’s eat it –>

    1. mercyjm says:

      Ah, if only we were so practical…You need to go and look at Advent day one, which is waiting for you to identify a seaweed!

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