Advent Day 11

Going quite well so far, in streaking terms. I have run everyday since the 29th November and only a couple of them have been really feeble. No creaks or twinges as yet.

So back to the woodlands (the Blean, ancient-ish woodland) and my acquisition for the day is a bit of Buddleja davidii an invasive shrub which performs slightly better outside its native range, hence its success here. As with other invasive plants it is possibly due to the absence of predators that it is used to at home.

Not sure what the sculpture is, I will guess a bird. It falls into the my mental category of ‘Blair Witch type things’ that can be arty/crap/spooky depending almost entirely on the light levels at the time. And a very cute hedgehog (?) carved on a stump.

4.something miles. I have lost phone signal at home, my phone is refusing to upload photos without manual intervention and my broadband keeps dropping out. So pardon the inexactitude.


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