Podcasts to entice you out of the door

I have a love-hate relationship with winter. At this point my friends are laughing as they would probably describe it as a hate-hate relationship: I don’t like the cold, wet or lack of light. It makes me sluggish, miserable and prone to eating all day or sleeping all day. But I do love the scenery in the winter, you can see a lot more of the bones of the land, there are more birds visible here, and I find the harsh weather fun (a contradiction I know).

But it does require a fair amount of encouragement to get me out for a longer run on dead days.So as encouragement podcasts are great, and I think they are also slightly safer to run with as they are not so all-encompassing to the senses as music. They also don’t require you to be in a particular mood which sometimes I feel music does.

Marathon talk: feels a bit blokey and clubby to start with but persist and it becomes addictive, great if you want to keep up with roughly what is happening in the sport. Not just for marathon runners, equally interesting for all who do 5k+.Full of ethical discussions at the moment :).

Talk Ultra: interesting and often lengthy talk about ultrarunning with a very global perspective. Not overly technical, so quite enjoyable if you don’t run ultras. The Scott and Jenny Jurek episode is a very good one.

This American Life: as recommended by RunTezza, is brilliant. Funny, sometimes shocking and always quite riveting. It will distract you more than adequately if you are tired or grumpy.

Audible: I must confess to an Audible subscription (but you can normally get one free before you have to pay too much), I am one of those people who likes to listen to books, but I find I absorb them very differently to reading, which means I have to repeat them several times. Things I keep returning to on long runs are: Andrew Marr’s A History of the World, Richard J Miller’s Drugged, all of the ‘Robert Galbraith‘ and Ben Aaronovitch books and my current favourite Peter Frankopan’s The Silk Roads. I have struggled with fiction authors I know I like, like Donna Tartt and David Mitchell whose works doesn’t seem to be easily accessible to the listener as opposed to the reader. I don’t really know why.

Other lists  I have found, but not tried all of the options personally:

Guardian best new podcasts of 2015

Telegraph’s best ever podcasts

Buzzfeed’s best 14 British podcasts

And most of the interesting output from BBC radio is available to download for example:

The Infinite Monkey Cage (scientists and comedians)

Plants, from Roots to Riches (plant science in small bites)

The Archers

The Life Scientific interviews with scientists about their life, work and motivations.

Desert Island Discs


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  1. gillians says:

    Let me know when they’ve got rid of Rob in the Archers so that I can start listening again. The Moth Radio Hour on 4 Extra is brilliant listening; http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06rv3j9 not sure if you can download or you have to listen online. Also TED talks if you can get them.
    And Hancock on Radio 4, Monday morning 11.30. As this is my specialist subject I could go on for hours.

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